Writing on the Wall

The Writing on the Wall is a series of news articles written by Irene Ellet, front lines reporter for the Gallian Tribune. These are secretly circulated on Castlefront Street in the capital city of Randgriz to avoid public censor.

Due to the nature of this section, it contains heavy plot spoilers as each report gives a summary of each chapter of Valkyria Chronicles as well as side stories to the current state of Gallia's government and people.


[edit] Signs of Gallian Resistance

In an interview on the 8th, a spokesman for the central Gallian armed forces suggested a massive anti-Imperial counterstrike brewing. Should this come to pass, all eyes will be on how a force that has thus far specialized in retreat can stem the Imperial incursion that claimed most of Gallia by last month's end and now stands before the gates of Randgriz.

It seems the militia will join the army proper on this bid to free the capital from a siege, a fear that has persisted for weeks now. Some suggest that this move is due to the army's desire to conserve its own manpower for combat within the city's walls, a very real possibility should this plan fail.

[edit] Flames of War Sweep Europa

The Empire-owned and run Tares news outlet reported on the 6th that Imperial forces have claimed the coastal Federation city of Valua. If true, the Empire would now hold a supply route for ragnite transit, greatly influencing their standing in southern Europa. Unlike the northern provinces, Europa's south lacks for ragnite, meaning that supplies must be shipped in from elsewhere to sustain the Empire's offensive.

The Empire's hold on Europa's southern coast means expansion of the conflict to all areas of the continent is more likely now than ever before. The Federation has yet to issue a statement regarding the Empire's alleged seizure of Valua at this time.

[edit] Militia Claims Vasel Bridge

Gallia's militia brings home the glory! As the first operation in what is likely a full-scale counteroffensive, the 3rd Regiment reclaimed the Great Vasel Bridge, a vital trade artery, after rousting the Empire's local defensed on the 14th. This officially frees Randgriz from the need to seal its walls.

Rather than assail the Empire's bridgehead barricade, the militia opted to swim a tank across the river and attack from the rear, an unconventional strategy to say the least. The drawbridge was then opened, dumping the rest of the defensive force into the drink. The man behind the plan, Welkin Gunther (22), is none other than the son of EWI hero Belgen Gunther. The acorn hasn't fallen far at all.

[edit] Gallia to Pull Out of North

On the 20th, the Gallian forces in the north announced their retreat from the area. Though no details were given, the Imperial takeover of [{Fouzen]], keystone among the north Gallian industrial cities, is likely a chief cause. The capture of Fouzen, a center for Gallia's ragnite, steel and oil refineries, struck a massive blow to the nation's productivity.

Though the meeting among Gallian army leaders, held the day of the word of Fouzen's fall arrived, lasted well into the night, no official word has yet been issued as to a specific plan for liberation of the city.

[edit] Lucky 7's Cut Off Supply Base

The militia's 3rd Regiment, a partner in our ongoing war correspondence, was successful in seizing the Empire's supply base in Kloden wildwood despite interference from Empire ace Gen. Radi Jaeger. This new victory, coming on the heels of their Vasel win last month that pushed the invasion back to central Gallia, has all of Randgriz singing their praises.

Losing the Kloden base was no doubt a severe blow to the Imperial force looking to regain some of that lost ground, which is good news to Gallians everywhere. It's anyone's guess where the militia will crop up next, but their efforts so far make one thing clear: These men and women mean business.

[edit] Militia Issues Draft Notices

The government issues a second wave of drafts among Gallians on the 8th. Expected since the Empire's formal declaration of war last month, this draft was likely made inevitable by the recent series of losses in the east and north. The draft will target males, ages 30 to 45, selected based on their qualifications and their impact upon Gallia's normal function.

The Militia is also accepting volunteers from those not included in the second draft, but many worry about the economic strain that further losses to the commerce and industry sector may impose.

[edit] Imperial Shadow Hits Barious

Central Gallian command reported on the 15th that the militia had encountered and routed a contingent of Imperials stationed in Barious, the culmination of a clandestine investigation into reported Imperial activity in the area. The badlands' topography is poorly suited to combat maneuvers and the region holds little to no strategic value, making the Empire's goal there unclear. One theory suggests that the desert region is home to an as-yet-unmined lode, and that Imperial forces were stationed there for purposes of ragnite speculation.

[edit] Gallia-Federation Talks Begin

During a press session on the 10th, Gallian Prime Minister Borg called for talks with Federation Ambassador Townshend, slated to visit Gallia at the end of the month.

In light of the increasingly complex conflict between the Federation and Empire, however, many suspect the Federation views this as a chance to acquire Gallia for its resources.

This announcement has been met with vehement opposition from members of Parliament with strong ties to former Imperial cartels. Ambassador Townshend responded to the invite with a public address, stating that he "firmly believes that joining hands to thwart the Empire's hubristic ambitions is essential to assuring peace for Europa."

[edit] Militia Routes Imp Commander

Central Gallian command reports that a recent chance encounter with Maximilian, Imperial commander of the Gallian invasion, near the ruins in central Barious ended in the Empire's defeat and retreat from the badlands. Speaking with on Gallian soldier who fount in the operation revealed a shocking eyewitness account of one female soldier among the Empire's army batting a tank shell out of the air by brute force.

Army doctors looked into the possibility of combat stress-induced hallucination but several other testimonies have arisen to corroborate this wild account. Other reports suggest that she resembled one of the Valkyrur of legend, while Gallian Army has issues no official statement on the matter.

[edit] New Lode in Gallian Southeast

Chief Valence of the Gallian National Survey reported recent discoveries of three new lodes of ragnite amid the southeastern mountains. Imperial capture of the key cities in ragnite-rich northern Gallia has meant a steady drain on domestic productivity. Paired with a rising demand for ragnite for military uses, scarcity of the ore has become a critical problem.

At the latest Survey meeting, Chief Valence stated that the new discovery would "likely go a long way toward filling the vacuum that has hounded the Gallian energy supply of late." Investigations into the size and quality of the newly found lode are currently underway.

[edit] South, Central Forces Team Up

After months of deadlock, the southern Gallian force broke through the defenses at Norville on the 14th. Built along a natural wall of thick forest, the enemy encampment had managed to resist all prior advances. According to the official report, Regiment 10 of Gallia's Army was responsible for this victory, but our on-site correspondent calls it a Militia win.

En route back from their operation at Barious, Squad 7 of the militia's 3rd Regiment was met with a surprise attack from the Imperial defenses at Norville and engaged the enemy in combat. Squad 7's brilliant efforts created a crack in the Empire's defenses that Army Regiment 10 was able to exploit in a swift blitz, breaking the Norville defensive line apart for good.

[edit] GOS to Be Cancelled

An EGP release issued on the 20th announced that the Glory of Speed (GOS), Europa's top motor race, has been called off for the year. This marks the first such cancellation in the event's 24-year history, likely the result of difficulties in hosting an international race of this scale amid the worsening conflicts unfolding across the continent.

The progress being made by automobile makers today is largely being drafted into military use, and more than a few manufacturers have spurned such public events for fear of trade (and by extension, government) secrets being leaked, further informing the decision to call off the race. These explanations offer little solace, though, to disappointed racers and their fans.

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