[edit] Weapons Manufacturers

[edit] Gallian National Arsenal

As the nation's only arms manufacturer, the National Arsenal both develops and constructs all of Gallia's weapons.

Seeing the production of arms as a part of national defense, leaders elected to end weapons importation and founded a new domestic arsenal during EWI. This also helped keep weapons technology and plans from leaking to foes.

Professor Theimer, creator of the tank the war hero General Gunther operated, was a major player in the arsenal's initial staff, matched only by Bernhardt Brandel in skill. Brandel, who rose to lead the arsenal, is said to have amassed his considerable knowledge through close friendship with a number of talented Darcsen engineers.

[edit] Rifles

The weapons of Scouts and in Valkyria Chronicles, Engineers, the standard rifle is a well balanced weapon, capable of good firepower, range, accuracy and power.

Alicia Melchiott wielding a Gallian rifle

[edit] Gallian

  • Type: Military Rifle
  • Length: 869mm Barrel Length: 432mm
  • Caliber: 7.92mm Clip Size: 5 Shots
  • Weight: 3680g

A standard rifle developed by Gallia's only arms manufacturer, the National Arsenal. Created during EWI, it was issued to Gallian soldiers and saw use in combat before the war's end.

By minimizing changes made to the action of existing models, developers were able to save time in realizing their design while also allowing for a wide range of uses through further customization.

Its name comes from its status as the first domestically designed rifle in the nation's History.

The weapon and its upgrades appear to be based on the Russian SVT series of rifles before diverging into more aesthetic designs.

[edit] Gallian-A

  • Type: Military Rifle
  • Length: 997mm Barrel Length: 560mm
  • Caliber: 7.92mm Clip Size: 5 Shots
  • Weight: 4620g

Designed to add stopping power to the Gallian's adaptable base, the Gallian-A also uses a water-based cooling system within the action to ensure smooth rapid fire, uncommon in standard rifles.

The experimental system worked better than even its designers had expected, also enhancing firing accuracy.

The stock and other parts were identical to those used in the Gallian.

[edit] Gallian-S

  • Type: Military Rifle
  • Length: 1049mm Barrel Length: 613mm
  • Caliber: 7.92mm Clip Size: 5 Shots
  • Weight: 4210g

Firing accuracy was the focal point when developers created this daughter to the original Gallian. Its construction is 90% identical to that of its parent.

Each part was formed out to craftsmen specializing in various fields, combining to create a finely-tuned gun.

The barrel was also extended to an unusually extreme length to ensure a stable firing trajectory.

The power and accuracy of the weapon were further improved by the S10 and S20 series rifles which had specially modified versions used by the Gallian Royal Guard.

[edit] Gallian-X

  • Type: Military Rifle
  • Length: 1035mm Barrel Length: 600mm
  • Caliber: 7.92mm Clip Size: 5 Shots
  • Weight: 4400g

The Gallian underwent a major overhaul to enable the firing of specialty rounds for the Gallian-X

Those rounds unfortunately deliver a substantial shock to the entire gun body when firing, requiring reinforcement not just of the barrel, but the entire gun.

As a result, the Gallian-X's gunstock was crafted from Kloden dark walnut, an exceptionally dense and resilient wood.

[edit] ZM Kar

  • Type: Military Rifle
  • Length: 851mm Barrel Length: 424mm
  • Caliber: 7.62mm Clip Size: 5 Shots
  • Weight: 4320g

Crafted by the Empire's top arms maker, Zechmeister (ZM Corp), this rifle is one of the factors that enabled the Imperial armies to seep across Europa.

Substantially lighter than conventional rifles, the ZM Kar greatly improved unit mobility and won the thanks of those forced to carry them on their march.

Its distinctive axe shape earned it the nickname "Francisca" among its users.

[edit] ZM Kar B

  • Type: Military Rifle
  • Length: 1045mm Barrel Length: 618mm
  • Caliber: 7.62mm Clip Size: 5 Shots
  • Weight: 4730g

A literal extension of the original Kar, this model features a longer barrel and a higher muzzle velocity.

Thanks to a shock-absorbing buffer added between the action and barrel, the user experienced substantially less recoil, which in turn led to better accuracy.

Further adjustments to the construction allowed for the use of specialized rounds as well.

[edit] Ruhm

  • Type: Military Rifle
  • Length: 1477mm Barrel Length: 1037mm
  • Caliber: 7.62mm Clip Size: 20 Shots
  • Weight: 13.5kg
Rosie using the Ruhm
A specialty gun crafted by an arsenal under the Emperor's direct command and in conjunction with ZM Corp, it marries the accuracy of a sniper rifle with the power of a heavy machine gun.

It's muzzle-dampening system and drum-shaped magazine together yield a fearsome, rapid-fire performance.

Quite rare, Selvaria Bles was the only member of the Gallian invasion force to posses one. Named "Glory," this weapon was granted to her directly by Maximilian as a reward for her service.

The Ruhm is available for use by the player through the Download Content Mission "Behind her Blue Flame." Used by Shock Troopers though oddly classed as a rifle in both the in-game glossary and during the mission, but labeled a Machine Gun while in the normal campaign.

[edit] Machine Guns

[edit] Mags

  • Type: Military Machine Gun
  • Length: 661mm Barrel Length: 335mm
  • Caliber: 9mm Clip Size: 20 Shots
  • Weight: 3540g

EWI saw a variety of firearms developed to suit a broad spectrum of needs. Among them, the machine gun's stopping power made it exceptionally popular among arms makers, both within Gallia and abroad.

Though models of all shapes and sizes saw use in combat, the Mags machine gun was especially prized for its portability.

Excelling in rapid-fire speed and ease, it exhibited unparalleled performance in the close-quarters of trench and urban operations.

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