Personnel Carriers, tanks and other forms of transportation. Due to a recent technological boom, there have been numerous advances in the field of transportation though all seem to contain one thing in common, the Ragnite radiator, which remains to be a vital point in their design.

[edit] Tank

A tracked vehicle designed for front-line combat, equipped with a large caliber main turret cannon as well as a backup machine gun. Its armor clad body and all-terrain mobility allows the tank to single-handedly charge into enemy territory or have it stationed at one of your camps to secure your own base of operations.

Tanks can also be used as moving shield for your soldiers and a battering ram to destroy sandbags that your enemies may be hiding behind.

[edit] APC

A four or six wheeled transport built to carry your troops to various locations around the field. They have far less durability than the tanks but their mobility is unmatched and they can move even further on flat grounds. Their weaponry, while usually weaker, can provide excellent interception fire and they can equip deadly flamethrowers.

Due to their lowered armor, it would be wise to carry an Engineer or Shock Trooperaround with them to help deal with enemy Lancers.

[edit] Aircraft

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