Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles
Developer Sega
Publisher Sega
Release Dates NATBA

JPQ1 2011

Platforms PSP
Ratings NATeen


Player(s) 1

[edit] General Information

Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles is the third game in the Valkyria Chronicles series and the second PSP title in the series.

Chronologically taking place alongside the first game during the Second Europan War, Unrecorded Chronicles focuses on a different front of the Gallian defenses.

Fans of the series can expect some of their favorite characters to make it into part 3. Motoyama confirmed that characters from part 2 will appear in part 3 in important roles. He also seemed to hint at appearances from Valkyria 1 characters, as one of the team's desires has been to make a game where everyone appears. He said that the characters players are most interested in seeing will likely make it in. He wouldn't get any more speicfic than that.

A demo will be launching on the PlayStation Store on November 9th and on the game's official website on the 11th.

[edit] Plot

The story is centered on Gallian Army Squad 422, also known as the Nameless. This group, consisting of criminals, deserters and other baddies, gets its name because its members are referred to by number rather than name.

All the characters introduced in the magazine are Nameless members and thus have numbers associated with their name. The magazine introduces the hero and two heroines.

The game's hero is Number 7, real name Kurt Irving. He was once a brilliant officer with a great future, but an incident which goes unexplained in the magazine caused him to fall to Nameless status. He's hoping to fight well and return to his former battalion.

On the heroine side is Number 01, Imca, the ace of the Nameless force. Her village was wiped out by the Valkyria. She went off in search of the culprits and was rescued by the Nameless. As you might expect, compared to other members of the squad, she's the quiet type.

The other heroine is Number 13, Riela Marcellis. Reila is a descendant of the Valkyrur, but she and those around her do not realize this. When her entire squad was killed off, she alone survived and was deemed a "god of death" and expelled to the Nameless.

[edit] New Features

Valkyria Chronicles III will feature the same gameplay from the two previous games, but it will implement a few new features and abilities for your characters. Kurt will be able to call forth troops to lend a helping hand in battle. Imca will be able to use her modified lance to lock on to enemies in first-person and blast them with multiple explosive projectiles. And Riela, who doesn't know about her Valkyrian bloodline, will be able to transform into a powerful Valkyrie that can deal a huge amount of damage to enemy units.

Aside from this, the game sports improved visuals with a more vivid color palette and the blue and white theme of the previous title being exchanged with deep reds and blacks.
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