Valkyria Chronicles 2 Walkthrough

The main campaign in Valkyria Chronicles 2 will cover Class G's progress throughout its school year at the Lanseal Military Academy, starting in January. Each month presents a set number of key and story missions that players complete to advance the story; players may also unlock optional Classmate missions by using characters often in missions, or purchase new ones from the academy store.


[edit] Main Campaign


[edit] Classmate Missions

Classmate Missions are unlocked when the player uses a particular character often enough during missions. Three events involving the classmate in question must first be viewed at Lanseal Military Academy; to view these, the player must have the classmate in question expend a certain number of CP (command points during missions). It does not have to be all in a row, you can expend CP for other characters during the mission. However, you must rest in your room at least once after each event is unlocked, so using the maximum 30 CP at once during any given mission will not help you unlock all Classmate events in one go.

1st Event: 5 CP used
2nd Event: 10 CP used
3rd Event (Classmate Mission unlocks): 15 CP used

Classmate Missions can then be accessed from the Briefing Room like all other missions.
Note: Zeri and Cossette do not have Classmate Missions of their own.

[edit] Bonus / DLC Missions

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