The Valkyrur


[edit] Overview

Valkyria Selvaria Bles in her awakened state.

These immigrants from the north are said to have united the devastated continent under one rule in ancient times.

Though believed to be an oceanic tribe that crossed into Europa via the North Sea, much of their historical origins remain unproven by archaeological fact. Their Ragnite weaponry allegedly granted them unparalleled power over the Darcsen natives, though other accounts suggest that their very bodies exuded a strange blue light that allowed them to perform superhuman feats. Where historical fact ends and legend begins, none can say.

By the end of the 2nd Century after the conquest, interbreeding with the native population is thought to have all but ended the pure Valkyrian bloodline.

[edit] Valkyrur Common Knowledge

Legends of the War of the Valkyrur and a number of traditions that stem from this ancient people can be found in all areas of Europa, and a basic awareness of the Valkyrur's existence pervades the land as common knowledge.

The generally held view of this race is as saviors of the continents who led all of Europa to prosperity, with some going as far as to worship them as divinities. That said, the bloodline is believed to have died out long ago, resulting in a thinning of hteir presence within a popular consciousness. Today, there are many who view them less as historical fact than as the stuff of legend.

[edit] Valkyria Worship

Some Europans hold the Valkyrur as the object of religious worship. Known to have possessed superhuman abilities, the Valkyrur are understood as either gods of the vessels of god in several sects, the largest of them known as Yggdism.

The Yggdist faith arose at the start of the 3rd Century and gradually spread to all regions of Europa. Its tenets hold that the Valkyrur were a race of gods and its mythology draws heavily from the northern legends brought in during their conquest.

Because beliefs have traditionally taken the form of popular superstitions tied closely to everyday practices, regional differences abound, blurring the lines between one sect and the next.

[edit] The War of the Valkyrur

The ancient Valkyrur united the Europan continent after subjugating the Darcsens in this half-legendary war of conquest. By circa 30 BC, the Darcsens are said to have ravaged much of Europa, wielding the dark arts to harness the destructive potential of ragnite in their heedless power struggles. Suddenly, an immigrant population known as the Valkyrur emerged from the north, bearing a "divine power" in the form of lances and shields bathed in blue light. Using these to halt the Darcsen rampage, they brought peace to Europa, according to inscriptions found in ruins across Europa. In addition to unifying the land under their rule, the Valkyrur are credited for the birth of modern Europan culture.

[edit] The Lance and Shield

Unearthed from excavation sites across the continent, these weapons are thought to have been wielded by the Valkyrur. The shields are round while the lances take the shape of a spiral shell, made from ragnite more pure than even current refining technology can produce. While some variation exists among the weapons' shapes, all of them bear a design known as the Valkyrian Spiral as a core motif.

Because contact with a Valkyria triggers a physical alteration to the weapons' shape, they are believed to serve as amplifiers for the race's preternatural abilities.

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