The United Kingdom of Edinburgh

[File:Edinburgh.PNG|thumb|330x330px]] The United Kingdom of Edinburgh is a nation in Europa, consisting primarily of two large islands about 40 kilometers north west of continental Europa. It is a member of the Atlantic Federation.

[edit] Information

Edinburgh was established over a thousand years ago. It was one of the earliest forerunners of the citizen's revolution and industrialization. Prior to the rise of the Empire and the United States, Edinburgh was the leading nation in the world, and even now retains much influence within the Federation.

The United Kingdom of Edinburgh is a constitutional monarchy with a democratic government. The monarch "presides without ruling", and is more or less a ceremonial existence.

[edit] Landmarks

  • Dokkum - the larger island that forms the eastern territory of Edinburgh, equivalent to England, Scotland and Wales.
    • Castleton - a city located in northern Dokkum
    • Hadleigh - a city located in central Dokkum
    • Appledore - a city located in southern Dokkum. Its location right by the channel between Edinburgh and the continent makes it the equivalent of the English city of Dover.
    • Koln - located in northern Dokkum
    • Canbral - located in southern Dokkum
  • Delfziji - the smaller island that forms the western territory of Edinburgh, equivalent to Ireland.
    • Tyrella - a city in Delfziji
    • Verviers - a city in Delfziji

[edit] Military

The Edinburgh military has a very well-established regimen, and is often considered the best lead military within Federation with Vinland forces, with a world-class navy. The Edinburgh military are often assigned to the hottest war zones and front lines. Edinburgh has attracted many foreigners seeking the fieriest battle grounds, and has formed quite a few combat units that are primarily composed of foreigners.

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