The Darcsen

Zeri, a Darcsen student at the Lanseal Academy.

Europa's oldest indigenous race, said to have lived across the continent since ancient times. They are characterized by their dark blue-black hair and shawls bearing traditional Darcsen patterns.

History tells of a "Darcsen Calamity" in which this race devastated the continent until the Valkyrur defeated them in the War of the Valkyrur. For their crimes of senseless destruction, the Darcsens were stripped of their last names and chased from their jobs and property, and remain the targets of hatred and persecution. Recent use of Darcsen labor to mine and smelt ragnite in refinery sites full of pungent oils has given rise to a new set of stereotypes. Despite endless derision and persecution the Darcsens remain a proud race with a rich, unique culture.

[edit] Good-Luck Dolls

Traditionally made by Darcsen people as gifts for loved ones, these dolls are thought to protect their bearer from harm, and are kept on one's person at all times.

The human-shaped dolls, made of thatched fishergrass, wear shawls bearing a Darcsen pattern. Additional clothing and facial expressions are added using scrap cloth and colored threads.

Though the basic doll is of traditional design, makers are free to add their own touches and decorations to make the gift more personal.

[edit] The Darcsen Hunts

A common term for the systematic capture of Darcsens, practices mostly in eastern Europa.

Continuing the long history of prejudice and persecution against Darcsens that date back to the War of the Valkyrur, the Imperial army often staged hunts. Captives were alternately used as slaves or simply executed. Hunts are performed by dedicated squads whose sole duty is to scour settlements both within Empire borders and abroad for Darcsens to capture.

The increased need for labor brought on by the onset of war saw hunts grow both frequent and more violent. Victims were sent to live and work in inhumane squalor at any of several concentration camps across Europa.

[edit] Darcsen Concentration Camps

Darcscen laborers controlled during Imperial hunts were held in this Fouzen prison facility.

After capturing Fouzen, the Empire was forced with the task of staffing its ore mines, smelting facilities and arsenals with laborers. Hunting parties were sent to scour Gallia for Darcsens that were abducted and used as slave labor, made to live in a shoddy wooden camp on the ravine floor while working under inhumane conditions.

A high-voltage electric fence surrounded the camp's perimeter to prevent escape, and Imperial soldiers kept a close watch on detainees from atop watchtowers built throughout the area.

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