Skirmishes are small battles fought for experience and money, these are the third tab in the main menu in the game and more are unlocked as you progress through the story. Skirmishes lack Aces that drop rare weapons or items except for the Expert Diffulty Download Content upgrades.

[edit] Outskirts of Bruhl

A small battle fought by a windmill and hills, the player can easily rush this map with a Scout after a few enemies have been picked off, even finishing in one turn. The map is the same one used in the very first story mission of the Valkyria Chronicles though instead of starting on the roads across the small bridge, they start at the windmill with the enemy taking up a flag across the bridge.

  • Recommended Strategy: As noted above, it is easy to simply "Scout Rush" the objective, taking advantage of the scout's movement range by circling the hill, using a Shock Trooper or the scout's grenades to take out enemies that are taking cover.

On hard difficulty unlocked after beating the game, it requires a bit more strategy, using the Edelweiss' smoke rounds to give a safe passage for the scout before sending them through.

[edit] Vasel Riverside

Effectively an exact copy of the main campaign mission of the same location, the player has a dual front with the Edelweiss in a road along a river with a couple of troops and a small troop occupying a flag within the town down the road. The player's goal here is to capture a post occupied within the town while defending their own camp.

  • Recommended Strategy: Rather than pushing with the Edelweiss and defending with your camp, choose a Scout and Shock Trooper for the deployment points on the far left of the defending zone and a Sniper on the forward right zone. Largo, Rosie and Alicia should be placed as well for bonus command points. Save often in case of missed shots.

Starting with your sniper move towards the right alley and dispose of the standing Imperial solider then move as close as you can to the right wall by the alley. Re-select them and shoot the second soldier posted in the alley, moving them down until they have a clear view of the target base. Select them a third time and take out the soldier at the far side of the enemy encampment by the flag, this can be difficult at lower levels however and you may go for the closer unit if you wish.

Now select your shock trooper and rush for the left alleyway and attack the first enemy you see then keep running as far as you can, but try not to take too much damage. Reselect them and take out another scout then move them towards enemy camp to draw fire on them, then end their turn.

Now select your Scout and follow the Shock Trooper's trail and hit the enemy shock trooper with a grenade, this should kill them but if it doesn't it will most likely blast them out of the camp's range. Reselect if you have to and capture the flag.

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