Second Europan War

The Second Europan War, known as EWII, took place during the mid-twentieth century in Europa, between the Atlantic Federation and the East Europan Imperial Alliance over Ragnite.

[edit] Highlights

During the early months of the war in 1935, the Imperial Alliance was able to gain the upper hand over the Federation.

In March of 1935, the Federation launched a counter offensive named Operation Northern Cross, seeking to land a decisive strike at the capital of the Imperial Alliance and crush the imperial morale. which the allowed the federation mainly there most power member and the new kaiser or emperor to end the war in an armistice which the the epilogue of Valkyria Chronicles 4 has a narration that says the armistice ended EWII, t</ref>

Also in March of 1935, the Empire launched a separate invasion of Gallia with the intent to capture the small country's large ragnite reserves to supplement their own. The invasion was called off after the commander of the Gallia Invasion Force, Crown Prince Maximilian, was killed in battle. The war ended the same year with a new and popular Emperor men who support this idea overthrew the old emperor who was dangerous and immoral which by everyone stand including atlantic federation the third son a upstanding man role model a war hero in both wars fought as enlisted man before the war to graduate a college jr ocs school so he can do a better job in life his father favored him considered his brother as an embarrassment but he was shocked when his brother had him made him do that assign to a mostly a unit of darcain and of intellectual reformers he eventually stayed in the unit after he said to his dad he liked his unit he became an officer he made a best friend for life with a darcain who eventually made a general and field Marshall Then a grand marshal of the empire by him he also and became popular by putting down calamity raven which way he supports some of its ideas calls there secessionist agenda and cleansing things as going way over line . he Was one of the leaders military and political power brokers extremely protesting extremely with the future emperor and his brother in law by being against of having Maximilian and leader of calamity raven as leader who they argued rightly where unloyal and mental unstable parts in the Gallia Invasion Force and that could cause mass distraction and death to the world he felt the war was also unneeded

and during the first europion war met and fell and Mutual fell in love with his sister and has numerous children with her it was one the last event his father attended before he died of illness they named there son after him . first things he did after asking for an armistice to the second europian war was appointed his eldest son who hybrid darcain son as hier to the throne and made his wife empress who was very popular among the empire despite being Darcian who always followed there outright horrible rules in order to marry her husband and did her jobs and help a lot of people and became very popular among everyone as result. he also inter war period was more harsh on the imperial military who where reasonable in one of the empires sub darcian region during there crimes what resulted in an insurrection an near civil while harsh on both sides he was harsher on military could not kill them because of his brother but sent them to jail after he became kaiser order there trails or court marshalls and executions by firing squad

And made his unit from the Wars most of them due retire could stay for life if they want all those people stayed In the armed forces because of him took the offer and the units connected to the unit tree connected to it and people who did the coup the new elite imperial royal Guard army made brother in law chief of staff and and king of darcian semi autonomous nation title who with the new emperor purge every bad thing in the arm forces there a lot firing squads hard labor and jail and life sentence involved the most notrus war criminal who where safe to try and not kill imitatively like his own brother that could where tried for war crime by a joint tribunal .

who was also a war hero in Europe war one made his brother in law prince of The a semi autonomous darcian zone gave everyone in the nation including formally oppressed peoples a bill of rights a parliament that cannot not be repeal or rules change by anyone with and with a stance favorably to both party’s in an armistice and peace happen he bought up these issues it had to do with reunification of nations and proper government unification under what both factions and governments liked and ragnite regeneration which solved war problems he also with President of Vinland peace prizes

[edit] Major Battles and Campaigns

Imperial-Gallia Front

Eastern Front

[edit] Notes and References

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