A picture of ragnite ore

As Europa's primary energy source, this ore has become vital to daily existence. It luminesces a characteristic blue hue when releasing the energy it contains.

Mined primarily in mountainous regions, the raw ore is then refined for use in any number of applications. Though the ore's existence was known in ancient times, it was not until the Valkyrur brought their refinery technology to Europa that its use began. Since the Industrial Revolution, it has become a vital ingredient to human civilization.

A surging need for tank fuel and weaponry derived from the ore has recently driven Europa's nations to expand their borders in a growing war for resources.

[edit] Uses of Ragnite

Depending on the refinery methods used, ragnite can produce various forms of energy suited to a spectrum of needs.

Refined into liquid ragnoline, it can fuel lamps or power vehicles, granting it a broad range of civilian uses. Its military applications include tank fuel, an incendiary agent in flamethrowers and the explosive payload in grenades, and countless others.

New properties and applications for the ore continue to be developed daily, and few doubt that this resource will only continue to grow in use and value.

[edit] Ragnaid

Medical scientists recently learned that the ore also acts as a painkiller, developing a controlled disinfectant and restorative agent as Ragnaid.

Some damage is healed automatically at the start of each turn, but units that suffered heavy damage need help to arrive faster; they need ragnaid.

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