A new class in Valkyria Chronicles 2, the Mortarer uses anti-personnel explosives to damage groups of enemies.

[edit] Valkyria Chronicles

This class does not appear in this title though the weapon was in this title.

[edit] Valkyria Chronicles 2


The Mortarer is one of the advanced classes of the game and branches into the or classes. Group 5 of the Lanseal Academy's Class G is made up of this unit type as well as Lancers.

  • Mortarer - Uses mortar lances that excel against infantry instead of tanks. Their physical abilities exceed normal lancers.
    • Credits Needed - 1 Certificate, 2 Support, 1 Attack X
  • Heavy Mortarer - Armed with heavy mortar lances that have a wide blast zone. They have lower mobility than other lancers.
    • Credits Needed - 1 Diploma, 2 March, 3 Arms II, 2 Arms II X
  • Mobile Mortarer - Increased mobility while retaining the same attack power and other physical attributes.
    • Credits Needed - 1 Diploma, 1 Support X, 2 March II, 1 March II X
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