Largo, lead lancer of Squad Seven

Equipped with large spear-like cannons, they can inflict great damage to tanks and have enough defense to withstand heavy attacks. Low mobility makes them vulnerable to enemy foot soldiers.

[edit] Valkyria Chronicles

Great at taking out armored vehicles from a decent range, though their low accuracy early on only really makes them useful at close range early on. At rank eleven they can opt to use the anti-infantry mortar instead of their usual armor-piercing lance.

[edit] Valkyria Chronicles 2

The Lancer is one of the base classes of the game and branches into the Advanced Lancer or Mortarer classes. Group 5 of the Lanseal Academy's Class G is made up of this unit type as well as Mortarers.

Lancers are an anti-armor soldier class. Their anti-tank lances they carry to do heavy damage to tanks. Their ammunition is limited, however, so they need to be resupplied if they run out. They are resistant to explosive attacks, with defenses that can stand up to tank fire, but they are weak against infantry. Lancers are unable to perform interception fire, counterattacks and support fire.

  • Lancer - Wields an anti-tank lance effective against vehicles. Also resists damage from enemy explosive attacks.
  • Lancer Veteran - Has better physical attributes than regular lancers
    • Credits Needed - 1 Certificate, 3 Arms, 1 Arms X
  • Mortarer - Uses mortar lances that excel against infantry instead of tanks. Their physical abilities exceed normal lancers.
    • Credits Needed - 1 Certificate, 2 Support, 1 Attack X
  • Lancer Elite - Wields an improved anti-tank lance. Their abilities further exceed that of the lancers.
    • Credits Needed - 1 Diploma, 3 Attack, 2 Support II, 1 Attack II X
  • Mobile Lancer - Has improved mobility and defenses while retaining the same HP and power.
    • Credits Needed -1 Diploma, 1 March X, 3 Attack II, 1 Support II X
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