The gunner is a new class featured in Valkyria Chronicles 2, stemming from the Shock Trooper class and uses light machine guns as opposed to sub-machine guns, firing in a horizontal motion as opposed to directly at a target.

[edit] Valkyria Chronicles

This class does not appear in this title.

[edit] Valkyria Chronicles 2

The Gunner is one of the advanced classes of the game and branches into the Gunner Elite or Heavy Gunner classes. Group 2 of the Lanseal Academy's Class G is made up of this unit type as well as Shock Troopers.

  • Gunner - Armed with a gatling that sprays a swath of bullets. Their physical abilities outshine Shock Troopers
    • Credits Needed - 1 Certificate, 3 Arms, 1 Support X
  • Gunner Elite - Carries a light machine gun with a larger magazine than usual. Abilities exceed standard Gunners.
    • Credits Needed - 1 Diploma, 2 Support, 2 March II, 1 Support II X
  • Heavy Gunner - Armed with a heavy machine gun that packs a real punch. This results, however, in reduced mobility.
    • Credits Needed - 1 Diploma, 1 Arms X, 2 Support II, 1 Arms II X

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