Gallian Military

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A standing self-defense force serves to uphold Gallia's position of neutrality. As every citizen receives basic military training, most of Gallia is also guarded by independent watch groups and defensive preparations are made on a town, neighborhood and household level.

In times of peace, Gallia's army is mad up of 80,000 ground units, 10,000 marine units and 2,000 military police units in addition to the autonomous town watches found across the nation. When at war, a militia is drafted from the civilian public and assembled under that standing force. Officers from the Gallian Army are assigned to lead militia regiments and battalions as necessary.

The illustrious Squad Seven and the Lanseal Military Academy Students from the games and other media fall under this organization in varying manners.

A new section of the military, called the Nameless, is introduced in Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles. This is a band of soldiers is made up entirely of criminals, deserters and others who were kicked out of the main forces, their names taken away and given numbers.

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