[edit] The Principality of Gallia

A Gallian flag made by SEGA for a convention.

Full of nature and rich in ragnite ore, Gallia borders the Empire to the east and the Federation to its western edge.

This small, central Europan nation is a constitutional monarchy, ruled by House Randgriz, the heredity of the sovereigns of Gallia. The first ruling ancestor of the house, revered as the legendary hero of the ancient War of the Valkyrur, built a castle on the site of what is now the capital city Randgriz, establishing it as the seat of Gallian rule.

Despite its size of only 38,567 sq. km and a population of just over 430,000 it boasts a rich and unique culture. The official currency is the ducat, and it is characterized by policies of armed neutrality and universal conscription.

[edit] History

The nation was formally born in the 3rd Century, when Castle Randgriz was built and rule over surrounding areas began.

When the Empire invaded Gallia at the turn of the 19th Century, the kind renounced his crown, instead ruling over an autonomous region within the Empire as archduke. But as democratic movements swept western Europa, the archduke harnessed that energy in Gallia to push for freedom from the Empire, resulting in the War of Gallian Independence.

Stretched thin between multiple fronts, the Empire was unable to maintain its hold and the small nation rose as the independent Principality of Gallia. Declaring neutrality and establishing a system of universal conscription.

[edit] Topography

With the sea at its north and west and thick forests shielding it to the south, Gallia is naturally fortified against invasion, historically allowing it to repel even significantly larger foes.

Hilly plains cover sixty percent of the nation's land and its mountains contain a rich store of ragnite ores, a valued source of energy. Large cities dot the flatlands to the north while the rest is largely occupied by lush farm land.

Gallia enjoys a temperate oceanic climate with little variation in rain levels throughout the year, and the soil is highly fertile. Because growing conditions for livestock and grain are equally favorable, Gallia practices a mixed form of agriculture.

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