the Federation known as by it,s proper name the Atlantic Federation

250px "In the name of peace and equality, we join hands in the brotherhood To defend these ideals from evil! Will we stand and fight?" -Excerpt from the anthem of the Atlantic Federation- The Atlantic Federation, often simply referred to as just the "Federation", is a commonwealth of loosely allied democracies from the two sides of the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of two major world powers on the Europa continent.

Sometimes in colloquial usage, "Federation" may only refer to the Europa member nations/territories and not include Vinland.

Popular uprisings spurred on by the late 18th Century Industrial Revolution gave birth to a number of new democratic republics. The nascent Empire, formed to the east, represented a common threat, motivating a mutual defense agreement among these infant republics.

Though an elected Head Councilor acts as the Federation's chief executive, unanimous agreements are rare among the constituent republics, meaning it often takes months to enact measures. Though a series of secret alliances and gains won by extortion and blackmail put the Federation ahead of the Empire in terms of national power, they barly defeated them on the field of war EWII

During Valkyria Chronicles During the Imperial Invasion of Gallia, the Federation sent a team of special forces operatives masquerading as members of the Gallian Royal Guard led by Jean Townshend in an attempt to kidnap Princess Cordelia and gain control of the country's resources. Through the actions of Squad 7, the kidnapping attempt was thwarted.


inRead invented by Teads During Valkyria Chronicles 4 At the same year of the Gallian Invasion from the Empire, the Federation Army launched Operation Northern Cross, a large scale counter-offensive operation that directly marches towards Schwarzgrad, the capital city of the Empire to give a decisive blow against the Imperial Army and stop their further expansion.

[edit] Member Nations

The United Kingdom of Edinburgh The United States of Vinland Assen Valois Roeselare Wese Sneek

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