Low offensive and defensive abilities make them impractical as fighters, yet they are supportive as they restock ammunitions and heal allies.

[edit] Valkyria Chronicles

The engineer plays a supportive role, healing allied units, repairing the Edelweiss or Shamrock, disarming mines. They are equipped with standard rifles, grenades, ragnaid and the Engineer's Tool, which is used for repair work. It's always good to keep an engineer on the field. They are also able to fix sandbags and barricades.

As Elite Engineers, they are better healers and can take more damage.

[edit] Valkyria Chronicles 2

Cosette Koolhaas.jpg

The Engineer is one of the base classes of the game and branches into the Advanced Engineer or Anthem Corps classes. Group 4 of the Lanseal Academy's Class G is made up of this unit type as well as the anthem corps.

A slight change from the original, they use handguns as their primary weapon as opposed to rifles. They are also no longer able to disarm mines, instead the Armored Tech units handle this task.

Engineers specialize in supplying and supporting other troops. They have low attack power and defense, but boast unique abilities such as being able to repair tanks with their spanners. They can also restock friendly soldiers and tanks by simply moving up to them. The ragnaid that engineers carry can be used over long distances and replenishes a large amount of HP.

Specializing in support, Engineers help their allies by bringing Ragnaid and repairing vehicles with their spanners. At the higher ranks, an engineer can trade in their wrench to become an Anthem Corp.

  • Engineer - Able to heal allies at long range, and armed with a pistol effective at short range. Has low HP and defense.
  • Engineer Veteran - Can fully heal allies no matter what their health. Also has better physical abilities than regular engineers.
    • Credits Needed - 1 Certificate, 2 Support, 1 Support X
  • Anthem Corps - Carries an instrument to motivate allies to perform beyond their ability. This is best used before an attack.
    • Credits Needed - 1 Certificate, 2 Arms, 1 Arms X
  • Engineer Elite - Can restore the HP of wounded allies over a wide area. Has better overall abilities than Veterans.
    • Credits Needed - 1 Diploma, 2 March, 2 Attack II, 1 March II X
  • Medic - Can revive allies whose HP have fallen to 0. Also have improved abilities over veterans.
    • Credits Needed - 1 Diploma, 1 March X, 1 March II, 2 Support II X

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