The Empire, or Eastern Europan Imperial Alliance, is a conglomerate of nations united under the rule of the East Europan Emperor.

The Industrial Revolution that occurred when Ragnite was discovered as a useful energy source saw the nations of eastern Europa, pioneers in machine technology, rise to power. Already tightly bound by a network of marriages amongst their royalty, these nations joined hands in a formal international alliance.

While not technically an aristocracy, the emperor or kaiser formally enjoyed limitless authority within the Nation . The Empire retains customs and practices held from medieval times, and its people are known to formerly harbor conservative views including formaly bad laws and views of the Darcsen race.

[edit] The Imperial Army

Led by the Emperor, or kaiser the Empire's politics was formally still controlled by the aristocracy until current kaiser came to the throne. The military is no exception, with several of the highest positions held by the emperor's blood relatives and close affiliates.

Operating under a code of conduct with roots in the medieval ideal of knightly chivalry, troops are expected to give their all in fidelity to the emperor.

The Imperial army was the first to make and employ tanks (their replacement for armored cavalry units), a development that redefined war in Europa and secured the Empire's military superiority. but this was radically change after europian war 2 when the former emperor or kaiser was overthrown and executed by men who where loyal and thought the forth son and youngest son who next line of blood to the thrown should be emperor or kaiser this was due to the emperor being insane lied about ragnite resources not being in abundance and starting unneeded conflicts and unethical experiments and letting people who where clearly insane and mentally unstable do what ever they want and showing not caring for people in the empire and he was also causing society to decay by his lack of morality and his womanizing taking multiple wives.

the youngest sibling was never train or expected to take the thrown he was a hero in both europia wars he thought on the front line as officer in the first europian war he volunteered also on the frontline sense his brother never like him he was given a unit of disliked including darcians constautionalest and people who believe in a parlimenry system wit major rank they suffer not a single causality meet his wife while on leave meting his family was won all the highest honors there where he was very popular despite have a darcain wife from a wealthy darcian and notable darcian family the also is completely faithful and has multipule children with her he usually did not spend alot of time at court due to radical views on his family he crown prince his first son was a war hero who clime up to a high rank like his father in europia war 2 he is also known being a skilled engineer making a fortune with his invention ragnite farming method he was one of supreme marshalls in the military

he was also known to promote people by merit and as result alot of commoners where given titles and felid marshall commissions and alot of them where born to impoverish families he also manage to end a darcian area rebellion he executed alot of high aristocrats from notable families for mistreating abusing drascans. his wife a notable doctor and lawyer who despite being darcian was given a joint coronation and she is also very popular for helping less advantage people well her brother is the first darcian chief of staff of the imperial military awarded the title of king of an a semi autonomous darcian state was against the gallian campaign for multiple reasons a highly unstable calamity raven unit and on to of that a well known unstable prince maximillian and multiple superweapons in the hands of unstable individuals bad need death and destruction wrote a highly acclaim peace on why the should not be deployed or do the campaign that was not listen to.

finally after destruction to the capital people where tired of this behavior arrested the kaiser and emperor and gave his a court marshall and he was convicted and put to fireing squad and also the verdict said his line would be replaces with his by the time he knew about it his brother was arrested and he accept the kaiser or emperor offer first thing he did was to make the empire into a truvutive semi consatutinal monarchy with a consatution and a bill of rights that included everyone even darcians he also abolished alot of noble special privileges and where only made a committee in parliament and made a parliament which was democratically elected the other two seats where democratically elected but had to approve by multiple things and also the basics of the constitution and the bill of rights could not be change or repeled by anyone or anything and he despite being crowned as emperor or kaiser does not live in the palace he lives in a spacious mannerly complex where he and his men built there homes after the first war with there own hands and his companys are also are located there and

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