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[edit] Valkyria Chronicles

At time of writing, a total of four DLC packages have been released for Valkyria Chronicles. Three were made available for download in early April 2009, while the most recent finally went live February 2010. All were initially priced at $4.99 USD.

[edit] EX Reports: Enter the Edy Detachment!

The Edy Detachment

This side mission can be enjoyed independant of progress made in the main game itself, and puts players in control of six Squad Seven members: Edy Nelson, Homer, Jann, Marina Wulfstan, Susie, and Lynn. The "Edy Detachment" begins its mission surrounded on three sides by Imperial forces. Players must control the six members of the detachment and somehow beat back the Imperials. Four different outcomes are available based on players' performance for the mission.

[edit] EX Reports: Behind Her Blue Flame

The second optional set of missions can also be enjoyed outside of the main game, and is particularly notable because players are now in control of Imperial forces instead. Taking place at the outbreak of Second Europan Conflict, the DLC features four missions where players have the chance to control none other than the Imperial Valkyrur Selveria Bles. Imperial engineer Johann finds his detachment folded into Selveria's and the two must work together to engage Gallian forces. Beat all four missions to unlock additional weapons for the main game!

[edit] EX Skirmish: EXPERT Level Skirmishes

This DLC allows players to challenge the in-game Skirmishes at the new "Expert" difficulty. Expert level skirmishes crank up the challenge by enhancing enemy AI and introducing enemy aces, but beating them allows players the chance to unlock new weapons. Unlike the EX Reports, players must finish the main game at least once before they can unlock the Expert difficulty.

[edit] EX Skirmish: The Challenges of the Edy Detachment

The fourth and most recent DLC package introduces six missions which players can tackle using characters from Squad 7. Each mission involves one of the six character classes including those lovely Tanks.

[edit] Valkyria Chronicles 2

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