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Several members of squad seven on the Edelweiss

[edit] General Information

Affiliated Nation: The Principality of Gallia

Role in the Series: Protagonists and player-controlled group of Valkyria Chronicles

Squad Seven in the player-controlled unit in Valkyria Chronicles and the focus of its plot. The team is lead by Lieutenant Welkin Gunther and Sergeant Alicia Melchiott under the command of Eleanor Varrot.

The squad is within the Volunteer Branch of the Gallian Military and often given work that the main army believes is mundane or in some cases, suicidal.

[edit] History

During the Second Europan War the voluntary forces of Squad Seven played a key role in many battles, including the destruction of the Batomys and Marmota, juggernaughts of the Imperial invasion forces. As well as defeating each of the Maximillian's commanders, most notable being the valkyrur Selvaria Bles and Maximillian himself.

After the invasion of Bruhl, the squad was formed under the leadership of Welkin Gunther and given a major task immediately; the securing of one of the Gallian Capital, Randgriz's central trade route the Vasel Bridge. The battle was dubbed Operation Cloudburst and even though some internal strife occurred within the seven's Welkin was able to strike a deal with the more experienced members stating if they're able to gain the location within a day that they'll have to respect and follow his lead.

Using a brash, though clever tactic, Welkin and Isara rode the Edelweiss through the shallows of the Vasel River and successfully avoided a majority of Imperial defenses in one fell swoop while quickly gaining the upper hand and opening the bridge, dumping the remaining enemy forces into the river below.