The peaceful village of Bruhl

This small town lies on the Imperial border at the eastern edge of Gallia.

Windmills stand atop the crests of many of the region's rolling hills, but few are as large as the so-called "Sister Mills" built from an old castle tower in the heart of town. Because it radiates out from the mill, Bruhl is also known as "Miller's Home."

The town supposedly began as a hideout for Royal Guard soldiers who'd revolted against the king. Perhaps in echo of that, this town of just under 8,000 has an active town watch and Bruhlers are famed for taking pride in guarding their homes themselves. Exports include dairy and bread made from locally grown wheat.

[edit] Valkyria Chronicles

Bruhl was one of the first of Gallia's towns to fall to the Imperial invasion, though it was briefly held off while Alicia Melchiott and her town watch defended a gate to the town's center. An imperial tank was brought in to destroy the structure but was stopped by Welkin and his sister Isara who were on board the Edelweiss.

After months of fighting however, the town was recaptured by the Gallian military as their efforts to fend off the invasion were succeeding, though it was a mourning event for the sevens due to their previous mission, where Isara was shot and killed by an enemy trooper.

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