Baldren Gassenarl


The oldest son of Gilbert, Baldren is 26 years old and is a firm believer that he fights for the right reasons. He is extremely protective and proud of Gallia as a country. If he sees something wrong, he calls it out – even if that something wrong might be a representative from another country. Baldren is the type of man who spares the table manners and cuts deep to the obvious stakes on the table, often to the annoyance of his father. His sharp tongue is often the cause of much discomfort to those with anything but the purest of intentions for Gallia itself. In battle, he is the source of many a victory and single-handedly led many missions in favor of the rebels.

[edit] Tactics

Baldren is a tough opponent, wielding a blasting hammer on the offensive and a light machine gun on the defensive. It takes a lot of power and a strong defensive to take him down in your first encounter but it is possible with the right units and making use of rear attacks.

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