Audrey Gassenarl


Audrey Gassenarl was born one year after her brother, and at the age of 25 is now a high-ranking rebel tank commander. Her status wasn’t just earned by her family blood, however: she was an army major in the last war against the Empire. She has a calm head and is a colder counterpart to the fiery-hearted Baldren, but she is every bit as capable of understanding her situation completely. Those who underestimate her because of her nature may soon find themselves in unfortunate situations. Curiously enough, she is also a devout follower of Yggdism.

[edit] Tactics

As commander of the armored corps, she takes lead from her own personal tank, the Geirolul. Every other turn she will use howitzers mounted on it to blast an entire area with the only safe zones being in trenches. Like many tanks, the Geirolul's weakness is its exposed radiator.

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