Armor Tech

A new class to Valkyria Chronicles, the Armored Tech units are able to disarm mines and have unique pieces of equipment, a hammer and shield. The shield blocks standard firearms and the hammer can deal damage in an arc, hitting everything in front of them, even damaging tanks.

[edit] Valkyria Chronicles

This class does not appear in this game.

[edit] Valkyria Chronicles 2

Armored Soldier.jpg

The Armored Tech is one of the base classes of the game and branches into the Tech Veteran or Fencer classes. Group 3 of the Lanseal Academy's Class G is made up of this unit type as well as Fencers.

Armor Techs aid their fellow troopers by removing land mines and rebuilding sandbags to fortify camps. They are also very powerful, able to take down many personnel in one or two swings or their large wrenches. Those who advance as Fencers forgo the support abilities and take on full assault, even able to take out enemy tanks in a single blow.

  • Armor Tech - Has strong defense able to withstand direct gunfire. The only unit class able to clear mines.
  • Tech Veteran - Capable of not only clearing land mines but also placing them. Also better physically than Armor Techs.
    • Credits Needed - 1 Certificate, 2 Support, 1 Support X
  • Fencer - Unable to use guns, but can send foes flying with sword attacks. Has high HP, but very limited mobility.
    • Credits Needed - 1 Certificate, 2 March, 1 Attack X
  • Tech Elite - Can place large mines that are effective against vehicles. Also better overall abilities than tech veterans.
    • Credits Needed - 1 Diploma, 3 Attack, 2 March II, 1 March II X
  • Special Tech - Carries flash grenades that can suppress enemy interception fire and counters.
    • Credits Needed - 1 Diploma, 2 March X, 3 Arms II, 1 Support II X
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