United States of Vinland

The United States of Vinland is a nation that covers over the North Vinland continent, across the Atlantic Ocean to the west of Europa. It is commonly referred to as just "the United States".

Unlike most Europan countries, which have monarchs, the United States is led by a President who is democratically elected at set intervals.

[edit] The Second Europan War

At the time of the Second Europan War, the United States was considered the most powerful member of the Atlantic Federation. However in its congress, was reluctant but eventualy it did participate in the war efforts at the outset of the war.

Still, it provided military support to the Federation iand also economic and technological aid, especially new weapons. Some even joke that Europa is the testing ground for the United States.

[edit] Trivia

  • The United States of Vinland is the Valkyria Chronicles equivalent of the United States of America.
  • They manufacture the Lances used by the United Kingdom of Edinburgh. Being a nation which does not venerate knightly traditions as Gallia and the Empire do, theirs are a far more functional design, resembling oversized rifles rather than medieval lances.
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