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Template:Nihongo is an antagonist from Valkyria Chronicles 4.

Official English Website profile:[1]

As leader of Ausbruch, the 502nd heavy tank platoon, this hedonistic yet dangerous commander is a force to be reckoned with. His faith in instincts over logic makes him as much a nightmare to his Federate opponents as he is a headache to the Imperial military.

The captain of "Ausbruch," an independent gang of the Imperial army. He is a veteran commander who charges into battle with the strong conviction to "protect the people living in the Empire." He battles riding in his personal tank[2]


[edit] Profile

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[edit] Personality

Fearless and tactically flexible. He believes in instincts above all else, and relies on them in battle. He thrills in combat, and is always happy to have worthy adversaries.

[edit] Biography

Imperial Lieutenant Colonel, age 31. Leads the elite 502nd Imperial Heavy tank battalion known as Ausbruch. After being bested by Claude in their first encounter, he grew quite attached to him- Seeing him as his greatest rival in the Federation. He's a bastard child of a noble family. After his mother died, he spent his life in the slums. He has love for the empire- and his hometown. When returning home, Crymaria went with him. With his war merits (and a Valkyria wife), many call him "the most dangerous man in Europa".

[edit] Trivia

  • In the Japanese edition of Valkyria Chronicles 4, he leads the 502nd Heavy Tank Corps (大隊), as opposed to Platoon (小隊).

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