The Empire, or Eastern Europan Imperial Alliance, is a conglomerate of nations united under the rule of the East Europan Emperor.

The Industrial Revolution that occurred when Ragnite was discovered as a useful energy source saw the nations of eastern Europa, pioneers in machine technology, rise to power. Already tightly bound by a network of marriages amongst their royalty, these nations joined hands in a formal international alliance.

While not technically an aristocracy, the emperor enjoys limitless authority within the alliance. The Empire retains customs and practices held from medieval times, and its people are known to harbor conservative views including a strong hatred for the Darcsen race.

[edit] The Imperial Army

Led by the Emperor, the Empire's politics are still largely controlled by the aristocracy. The military is no exception, with several of the highest positions held by the emperor's blood relatives and close affiliates.

Operating under a code of conduct with roots in the medieval ideal of knightly chivalry, troops are expected to give their all in fidelity to the emperor.

The Imperial army was the first to make and employ tanks (their replacement for armored cavalry units), a development that redefined war in Europa and secured the Empire's military superiority.

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